About us

Dear visitor and collector, may we introduce ourselves?

DIVANDO is a young company, we started just after the summer holiday season of 2005. But not out of the blue! We have many years of collecting behind us. All our actions are based on 20 years of experience as being collectors in all kinds of toys. The owner of this store is Petra Dieterman, she does all the professional business and is responsible for everything. She buys and sells and does the full administration. Her husband, who is not involved directly, is the collector. He provides us with knowledge and contacts to increase interest in our company by customers like yourself. Our market focus is vintage toy collectibles from the `60ties up to the early `90ties. Within this period lies our field of interest and experience.

We hope you will enjoy this site, it is fully dedicated and build around our E-Bay store. Its all we need and we think it is better to focus instead of running two shops at the same time!

Please also check our inventory and enjoy the benefits of dealing with us! Become a regular buyer and you will be a very happy collector! We are fully dedicated to you, our customer.

Have fun and enjoy your visit.

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