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Collectors Guide to Collecting Modern Action Man

Coming soon!!!! This page will be specially created for all our customers but specially for all who are interested in Modern Action Man. Since my husband is a dedicated collector as for collecting vintage Action Man and GI Joe (the 12" inch series), he will fill this page with a purely Hasbro based general overview of ALL Action Man figures, Outfits, Vehicles and other related toys produced within the 1993-2005 period. This was the latest release of Action Man. Hasbro decided to discontinue producing Action Man during the 3rth quarter of 2005.

On this page we will display each product from the early beginning to the end of this toy line. All will appear in the correct order of year of production. We will provide a small description, a picture of the product in its original box and a picture of the loose product with all its accessories.

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