Terms & Conditions

  • Our products are sold exactly as seen and described, if there is something seriously different or wrongly described, we will sent you a full refund of your purchase including the postage you paid.
  • Vintage toys even when sold in their original box, are sold without warranty. There is NO return-refund offered when you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  • New toys are offered with the following return policy. If an item, which was shipped to you in a closed/factory sealed box happens to be seriously broken and it has nothing to do with the box it was shipped in or rough handling by the postal services. We will fully refund or replace your purchase. The only rule we use here is that we need a picture of the box it was shipped in and a picture of the item.
  • We offer no long time warranty. The warranty ends after we got your positive feedback.
  • Our feedback for your purchase will be left after we got yours.
  • Regular buyers/frequent customers (The rule here is 1 monthly purchase by yourself with the same username.) will receive a 5% discount on all their purchases. But please remind us to that. Its not possible for us to keep that in mind.
  • We basically deal with everybody, no exceptions made. We do not mind or reject purchases from customers with no feedback.
  • We sell international, again no exceptions made, no continent or country is excluded from business with us.
  • Our prices are including VAT.
  • We enjoy your feedback, this is very important for us. Please leave us your feedback at e-bay when you are satisfied.
  • We also encourage you to e-mail us in case you are unhappy with your purchase or when there are other problems you are unhappy with. Please contact us first before leaving a negative feedback. Negative feedback does not solve your problem. Discussing it wit us might help, we always try to keep our customers happy and satisfied with the product(s) they purchased from us.
  • We ship in strong boxes, therefore we do not accept claims caused by rough handling during shipping. Damage done to your purchase during shipping is your own responsability and risk when you buy internationally. We always offer Registered or Insured shipping as an option, but it is a lot more expensive. So when you do not use such option the risk is yours.
  • Our standard offered shipping is "Standard Airmail", this is the option picked by 95% of all our customers. Normally we do not experience any problems with that option.
  • We will always try to solve any matter or problem you face when dealing with us. That is the most important thing we like to share with you, its based on our honesty and dedication towards our customers. Its also the main reason why we have a steady growing business with more and more customers each month.

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