Payment methods

We offer the following Payment options: Paypal, IBAN-BIC, Cash Dollars (British Pound Sterling and Euros).

Option A: PAYPAL

  • Online Account Payment Method.
  • Very Quick, within 24 hours after transfer.
  • No additional costs.
  • Secure and Safe Method.

Option B: IBAN-BIC European Bank Money Transfer

  • For European Countries ONLY.
  • Wire Transfer, very quick.
  • NO Additional Costs.
  • Secure and Safe Method.
  • IBAN-BIC Details: On request.

Option C: CASH

  • We accept: USD, GBP and Euros.
  • Very Quick, within 5 to 10 days after sending.
  • NO additional Costs!.
  • Unsecure Method, unless sent Registered, but that makes it more expensive!

We hope this info gives you a clear view on the possibilities.


The speed level of your payment as given above, has nothing to do with the shipping time of your package, its just a view on the speed of the arrival of your payment for your E-Bay victory/purchase!
Normally a completed transaction to both sides will take place within a month after the auction has ended!. (If you pay that same week!).

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